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Kim Wiseman - Business Development Consultant for Wellness Brands


The world is in chaos, and I am on a mission in my own small way to help change that.
We need to start caring, to start working closer with nature. For this reason and because nature is the most powerful resource we have, I feel strongly about natural, sustainable and ethical products being made more available to the general public than they currently are.

And this is where I come in.

With over nine years of experience working with complementary product companies and a personal passion for holistic health, I aim to help start-up businesses offering ethical and sustainable natural products launch and gain traction in the UK market.

I know first-hand how challenging launching natural products can be. Despite the obvious benefits that natural products bring, from a commercial perspective it’s more challenging. Going down the sustainable, natural route is often more expensive resulting in tight margins and high-end products that struggle to compete against FMCG alternatives. I know about these challenges first-hand, and I can help you navigate them to get your product into the public eye.

After completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology at Keele University, I spent a few years marketing and learning the complementary product trade. I moved to Cape Town and went on to work for Herbex (Pty) Ltd and launch South Africa’s leading complementary range for dogs and cats. Regal Pet Health was the first herbal range of its kind to launch into all major retailers across the country.

From there, I moved back to the UK to open up a division for Herbex as their UK Director. Herbex is South Africa’s no. 1 weight loss brand, and it was my role to launch Herbex into the UK market. I worked with the independent pharmacy trade and dealt with many of the major retailers including Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, Morrisons and Holland & Barrett.

On a personal level, natural products were always the go-to option for all my childhood ailments. And my interest in a more holistic and alternative approach to health started to broaden as I grew older resulting in me dabbling in aromatherapy massage, Reiki courses and actively seeking out holistic practitioners from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds.

I genuinely feel we need to start educating ourselves more about how to lead healthy, connected and in-tune lives so that we co-exist with our world, rather than trying to dominate it. And one way to do that is to start making authentic, natural, simple but effective and sustainable products better understood and more widely available.

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Kim Wiseman - Business Development Consultant for Wellness Brands

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